DISPATCH .005: Glitchcore, The Rockers + Artwear

DISPATCH .005: Glitchcore, The Rockers + Artwear

We welcome you to a preview of a dispatch so AMAZING it could only exist in another universe. If you aren't currently subscribed to Ruby's insanely spectacular and exceptional newsletter, you can do so by clicking this little link right here. Nope. You passed it. was just back there. The hyperlink. Normally we give amazing recommendations on reads, culture and listens. But we're just giving you a little sneak peek...


Tiwa Select is a shop offering offbeat folk art, found objects and artefacts and aims to bring delight to the home. We are all about that.

We've been known to dabble a bit in vaporwave, but apparently glitchcore is that new new.

This book on the iconic reggae-heavy film THE ROCKERS is a must-read.

short bio on photographer Michael Jang feat. photos of Reagan, Bowie, and what we believe might be Dee Dee Ramones' legs...

The best illustrations of 2020. Beautiful work, but we think the NYTimes totally flubbed it by not including any work from Sharmila Banerjee.

We're all in on "artwear," and one of our favorite examples: Tony Tafuro.