Hedi Stanton For .FUN

Hedi Stanton For .FUN

Presenting new ways of peering into the Rubyverse, through a series of partnerships with emerging artists, creatives, and all around brilliant individuals (much like yourself). Collectively, they are known as RUBYNAUTS. Each month, two new editions are published on our journal and our social media, for you, for us, for Earth, for the Rubyverse, but mostly for .FUN.

Born and raised in New York City, self-taught photographer Hedi Stanton creates work that coalesce her passion and aptitude for image making, creative direction, and styling.

My name is... Hedi Stanton.     

The last bench I sat on... was in Elizabeth Street Garden.

The last daydream I had... was  about finally being able to visit family in China. I miss their cooking.

The last song I obsessively listened to on repeat...was Afro Blue by Erykah Badu.

My intergalactic spacesuit would be designed by...Tae Park, a close friend and talented designer.

It’s 20 years in the future, everyone exists in human form with a secondary digital avatar. My avatar is...a camera

My stance on whether aliens exist is…that they exist, but I teeter back and forth as to whether they’re just harmless living organisms or if they’re actually as intelligent as they’re portrayed in movies.

Looking at photos I take of my friends makes me happy.

My definition of fun... is getting creative with my friends. We’re all somewhat in the fashion industry doing different things from photographing to designing, modeling to tech, etc. When we’re all together, we’re constantly coming up with ideas for both the individual and the collective; it’s inspiring to watch, and warms me to know I’m a part of that.