Jacques Greene for M.o.M Radio

Jacques Greene for M.o.M Radio

Mysteries of Matter Radio is a new way to explore the aural nature of The Rubyverse. On a monthly basis Ruby will be partnering with musicians, DJs, artists, producers to create custom mixes inspired by a planet (of the artists choosing) within The Rubyverse. The mix acts as a soundtrack for the planet, playing the organic and inorganic intonations for the world.

rubyforfun · Jacques Greene on M.o.M Radio


Rubynaut Jacques Greene was good enough to spin the span of a planet into this 25 minute mix. He created the mix for Jarbwha-3. According to Jacques' own description, Jarbwha-3 is "a planet built of mostly bluish gases with sentient beings that give off the vibe of radiant auras or ghosts - just floating through a radiant cloud." Said creatures are known as Beexles. They lead a peaceful existence on the coreless planet known as Jarbwha-3. Jacques focused on "vocally-driven tracks that feel like they float in their own orbit."

The Beexles on Jarbwha-3


I mean, we don't really need to tell you, you should be telling us! But, we at Ruby HQ have been enjoying the mix throughout the day. An ambient vibe during work, or a wondrous soundtrack walking the newly summer-like streets of JARBWHA-3. We hope you love it.


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