DISPATCH .002: Man Ray, Mark Gonzales + 8-ball Zines

DISPATCH .002: Man Ray, Mark Gonzales + 8-ball Zines

We welcome you to a preview of a dispatch so AMAZING it could only exist in another universe.If you aren't currently subscribed to Ruby's insanely spectacular and exceptional newsletter, you can do so by clicking this little link right here. Nope. You passed it. was just back there. The hyperlink. Normally we give amazing recommendations on reads, culture and listens. But we're just giving you a little sneak peek in this article...

Here is [CULTURE] from Dispatch .001:

Sixty-two films that shaped the art of documentary filmmaking. Yup, that's right... sixty-two of them...

A chess set designed by Man Ray.

New York City has always been the beacon of nightlife, take a look back at one of the most famous nightclubs that helped cement that status.

Mark Gonzales is one of the world's greatest skateboarders. This book explains why. (On that note, a link to the best skate videos of 2020).

Making the rounds at Ruby HQ, a strong investigation into trend lifecycles from 8-ball zines.