DISPATCH .003: Foreign Rap, Walking Tours + The Lazy Jane

DISPATCH .003: Foreign Rap, Walking Tours + The Lazy Jane

We welcome you to a preview of a dispatch so AMAZING it could only exist in another universe. If you aren't currently subscribed to Ruby's insanely spectacular and exceptional newsletter, you can do so by clicking this little link right here. Nope. You passed it. was just back there. The hyperlink. Normally we give amazing recommendations on reads, culture and listens. But we're just giving you a little sneak peek...

Here are the [LISTENS] from Dispatch .003:

Is Foreign Rap the new Radiooooo? The new Poolside.fm? Or something totally new? We don't really care, because we love it.

Might seem weird to some, but we get it: how ringtone rap influenced modern hip-hop.

If you need a playlist for your Rubyverse shmocktail jimjam, might we recommend the Lazy Jane Motel. 

New York City is wonderfully quiet right now. It's the perfect time to check out one of The New York Times' audio guided walking tours.

From Rubynaut Barr Balamuth Chemz by Burial. Resident Advisor calls it, "a winding, 12-minute epic of 2-step and UK hardcore." Barr says, "It's so beautiful I'm cri."