DISPATCH .004: Japan, Siddartha + Book Covers

DISPATCH .004: Japan, Siddartha + Book Covers

We welcome you to a preview of a dispatch so AMAZING it could only exist in another universe. If you aren't currently subscribed to Ruby's insanely spectacular and exceptional newsletter, you can do so by clicking this little link right here. Nope. You passed it. was just back there. The hyperlink. Normally we give amazing recommendations on reads, culture and listens. But we're just giving you a little sneak peek...


When we feel a little lost traversing around the Rubyverse, we like to center ourselves with the memory of a good walk. So does this author, as they recount the splendor of a boring walk in Japan.

With that clear head, it's easier to make good decision, but don't mistake the liability of [even a good] hypothesis.

And if there's any fear of a broken brain, 8ball's Gonzo report might be the salve you're looking for...

The majority of us are glad to say goodbye to 2020 (rightfully so) but it was a helluva year for book cover design.

For your weekly moment of zen, here's the biggest wave surfed in 2020. But also... read Herman Hesse's Siddhartha.