Janie Korn for .FUN

Janie Korn for .FUN

Presenting the third edition of FOR .FUN, a new way to peer into the Rubyverse: Janie Korn, the ever-so-talented New York designer who has gained a cult following for her smartly playful wax creations.

Janie Korn is a New York-based visual artist, curator, and content producer.

Her works have appeared in The New York Times, Vogue, New York Magazine, Interview Magazine, Refinery29, Garage, ArtNet, among others and worked with brands like United Masters, Nordstrom, and Amelie Pichard.

For .FUN, Janie recreated the Ruby bottle, our signature hibiscus flower, and our GNOBOME character in wax form. All items are for sale via our Depop.

Janie in process

Rubynaut Admission Form:

My name is Janie Korn

The last bench I sat on was the one in front of Murray’s Cheese, where I am now, typing these answers on my phone and sipping the dregs of an iced coffee. I’m very bench friendly, I’ll sit on any bench.

The last daydream I had was of an artist residency in a remote Italian village. 

The last song I obsessively listened to on repeat was out of touch by hall and Oates

My spacesuit would be designed by issey miyake

It’s 20 years in the future, everyone exists in human form with a secondary digital avatar. My avatar is pilsbury doughboy, my big cgi crush

My stance on whether aliens exist is yes absolutely

I build my own universe for humor and relief

My process looks sisyiphisian. I carve and I sculpt and then I paint, and then I carve it down again and sculpt again and paint again on repeat until I love the piece.

Looking at chihuahuas makes me happy

My definition of fun is a trip with a really great food destination. 


Photographed by Jelani Roberts for the Ruby Journal