New Commute for M.o.M Radio

New Commute for M.o.M Radio

Mysteries of Matter Radio is a new way to explore the aural nature of The Rubyverse. On a monthly basis Ruby will be partnering with musicians, DJs, artists, producers to create custom mixes inspired by a planet (of the artists choosing) within The Rubyverse. The mix acts as a soundtrack for the planet, playing the organic and inorganic intonations for the world.

rubyforfun · New Commute for M.o.M Radio


Rubynaut New Commute was good enough to spin the span of a planet into this 28 minute mix. The multigenre transcontinental audioarchivalist and visual ephemerist welcomes you to Pax Lusibus. It's a place of dense old growth forests that grow taller than the sky and where plants and animals communicate through dance. The soundtrack by New Commute is a thirty-minute dispatch of frequencies intercepted from Pax Lasibus' self-sustaining sphere of perfect ecological harmony.

A group of foragers on Pax Lusibus


I mean, we don't really need to tell you, you should be telling us! But, we at Ruby HQ have been enjoying the mix throughout the day. It jumps from genre to genre so it'll keep you on your toes, or off them, if you know how to levitate. We hope you love it.

P.S. If you've made it this far, enter LUSIBUS at checkout for 10% a case of Ruby. Godspeed Rubynaut!