The World's Greatest Most Complex Hibiscus Cocktail

The World's Greatest Most Complex Hibiscus Cocktail

A hibiscus cocktail so good, it required a seventy-armed Rontonipede to shake it properly. This drink will knock your socks off, confuse you, bruise you and disabuse you of the concept that you should ever drink anything else.

That's right folks, they said it couldn't be done. They said, Ruby, this cocktail is insane. It's far too complex for the mind of a simple humanoid on the planet known as Earth. And we said RIDICULOUS. Don't be insane. Earthlings deserve a cocktail this formidable. This fantastic. This floral.

I'm sure you all will be SHOCKED to learn that hibiscus is the hero ingredient. And the liquor of choice?


👆 Vibes.

Air Company is the chosen vodka of Rubynauts in seventeen different galaxies. But, onto this crazy whirling dervish of a hibiscus cocktail. Are you ready for this insanity? CAN YOU HANDLE IT?!


  • Three parts Ruby (lightly sweetened or unsweetened, up to you)
  • One part Air Company Vodka
  • Lime wedge

CAN YOU HANDLE IT? Will you ever be the same? Are you somehow forever change? But for the better? Yes, we thought so.

We dare you to try this complicated extravagance at home. WE DARE YOU.

Why are we so AMPED on this cocktail? Well, it's pretty much an improvement on what may or may not be a pre-ancient cocktail (the vodka cranberry). Ya see all that cranberry juice has this little ol' evil thing we know as SUGAR. Ruby hasn't got any of that. And the lack of sugar means there is a lack of hangover Oh, there's also the small fact that...


So you are super hydrating as you are deeeee-hydrating. THATladies and gentlemen, is why this is the most complex cocktail --> bio chemistry ya'll. Uh-huh. Das right. Bio Chem-Istry.