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Awarehouse for M.o.M Radio

Awarehouse for M.o.M Radio

Mysteries of Matter Radio is a new way to explore the aural nature of The Rubyverse. On a monthly basis Ruby will be partnering with musicians, DJs, artists, producers to create custom mixes inspired by a planet (of the artists choosing) within The Rubyverse. The mix acts as a soundtrack for the planet, playing the organic and inorganic intonations for the world.

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Rubynauts Awarehouse (a transformation studio that offers foundational mindbody practices for all to experience the joys of healing, growth, and awakening. Creatively explore meditation, energy, sound, movement, and wisdom teachings through their art, classes, workshops, ceremonies, and celebrations.) were good enough to spin the span of a planet into this 40 minute mix. The creative duo created the mix for Apkallū. Today marks the supremely auspicious Great Year Celebration which takes place every 4,320,000 Earth years and marks a complete rotation of the Double Universe.

Planet Apkallū serves as a pilgrimage site for the great sages of all sentient species throughout the universe and this event celebrates the union and perfect balance of the physical and non-physical. Standing on the steps of Auryx, the great temple where this celebration takes place, one can see crystalline mountains pulsing in and out of view on the horizon as they glide through different dimensions. Meanwhile, plants and animals blink in rhythm with bioluminescence. The awakened overmind of the planet and its iridescent Rainbow Bodied inhabitants reach total synchronization. Billions of species coexist without the need to hunt each other, and instead form harmonic resonant relationships that feed the eternal flux of energy generation. This vast realm represents the center and Universal Source which is everywhere at once, where time is an atmosphere of the mind. Everything here happens exactly when it needs to in perfect synchro-mystic harmony. At the completion of this celebration the beings of this planet disperse to every corner of the universe to spread love, unity, and wisdom.

The elders on their pilgrimage


I mean, we don't really need to tell you, you should be telling us! But, we at Ruby HQ have been enjoying the mix throughout the day. An ambient vibe during work, or a wondrous soundtrack before evening festivities turn into nightly raves on the surface of Apkallū. We hope you love it.


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