DISPATCH .001: Saville, Pygmy Possums + A Black Hole Burps

DISPATCH .001: Saville, Pygmy Possums + A Black Hole Burps

We welcome you to a preview of a dispatch so AMAZING it could only exist in another universe. If you aren't currently subscribed to Ruby's insanely spectacular and exceptional newsletter, you can do so by clicking this little link right here. Nope. You passed it. was just back there. The hyperlink. Normally we give amazing recommendations on reads, culture and listens. But we're just giving you a little sneak peek...

Here are the [READS] from Dispatch .001:

Peter Saville Wrote The Source Code - how one of the greatest creative directors has shaped the present day.

For the 773rd millennia running, Rubyverse's icon of the year remains the pygmy possum.

One of our favorite pieces of autofiction: when I look at a strawberry, I think of a tongue by Edouard Leve.

You're excused if you didn't already know that black holes can burp. Not only that, but they belch out a strange little something called x-ray bubbles.

The controversy over sentence spacing is being addressed head on by a fisherman in Vancouver (and apparently Microsoft agrees).